• ‘Lockdown Baby’ - Video installation with poetry, voice, and dance: ​Opening and exhibition, June 27 2021​. Artists: ​Nicole Jordan​ (Creator, director, producer, writer, singer); ​Jozefien Debaillie​ ​(Dancer); ​Karin Timmermans​ ​(Soprano & Dancer), ​Katarina Jazbec ​(Film Artist) for ​TENT, Kunstinstituut Melly​, Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘In Vocation’ ​- Music, poetry and storytelling production: ​Premiere & tour ​2016. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, producer, writer, vocalist, poet, storyteller), ​Udo Demandt (Percussionist)​ ​and ​Israel Golani​ (Lutenist). Performances at ​Weekend van de Romantische Muziek​, Rotterdam, NL, and at ​De Keukenhof,​ ​Lisse, NL, and tour of in Nova Scotia, CAN.
  • ‘Oya: Goddess of the Wind’​ - Storytelling, spoken word poetry, and music production:​ Premiere & tour 2015. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, poet, and vocalist), & various musicians. Performances in The Hague, NL, Rotterdam, NL, and Nassau, BS
  • ‘Mariposa Hermosa’ ​(Beautiful Butterfly) - Storytelling and music production. ​​Premiere 2015: Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, and vocalist) with ​Arturo Ramon ​and Arnold Balde for Flamenco Festival,​ Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘Solstice’ ​- Storytelling and solo and choral music production​: Premiere and Tour ​2012: Artists: ​Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, producer, storyteller, vocalist) with ​Udo Demandt​ ​and ​Arturo Ramon​.​ Performances in The Hague, Rotterdam, Nova Scotia, CAN with ​Halifax Camerata Singers,​ ​and New Brunswick, CAN with ​Choeur Louisbourg​.
  • ‘Snow Queen’​ -​ Contemporary dance, music, and storytelling production. ​Premiere and tour ​2011 - 2017. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, producer, storyteller and vocalist), with ​Jozefien Debaillie​, ​Riccardo Sbrighi​,​ & ​Elena Sgarbi​ (Dancers) and ​Annemieke IJzermann​ (Harpist), NL. Performances at various locations throughout NL
  • ‘Sjah’ ​- Arabic music and contemporary dance production. ​Premiere​ 2010. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, producer, storyteller and vocalist) with dancers ​Michael Sastrowitomo​, Djurre Brouwers, Ermo Dako for ​Korzo Contemporary Dance Theatre​, ​The Hague, NL
  • ‘Sweet Solitude’​ ​- Modern music, poetry, and contemporary dance production.​ Premiere and tour 2009. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, producer, and vocalist). Performed in 2009 at ​Het Nutshuis​, The Hague, and in 2011 at ​Korzo Contemporary Dance Theatre​,​ The Hague, NL




  • ‘Ballades’ - Music and contemporary dance production and tour: ​Premiere and Tour ​March 2021​. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator and vocalist), ​Neel van Doorn Productions​ (Dancers), ​Doelen Ensemble​ & ​Maarten van Veen​ (musicians) for ​De Doelen​,​ Rotterdam, NL.
  • Europe where have you displaced love​?​ ​- Voice and poetry film installation. ​Exhibition ​October 2020 - Feb 2021. Artists​: ​Nicole Jordan (Collaborator, improvising vocalist), ​Katarina Zdjelar​ (Film director) for ​‘Voice Over’ exhibition.​Curator:​MaayanSheleff​,B​ onnefantenMuseum​,Maastricht,NL
  • ‘Ship of Fools’: ​‘The Whole World is Turning’ exhibition​,​ poetry, voice, multi-screen video installation. Opening and exhibition ​July 2020 - Sept 2020. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator, vocalist), ​Ada M. Patterson​ ​(Video artists and creator) for ​TENT, FKA Witte de Wit Centre for Art​,​ Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘Orakel’ - One-woman theatre, dance, and experimental vocal production. ​Premiere​ 2012. Artist: Nicole Jordan (Creator, writer, dancer and vocalist), for ‘Solos at the Sea’ Festival, ​De Dutch Don’t Dance Division,​ Scheveningen, NL. Also performed at ​Weekend van de Romantische Muziek​,​ Rotterdam, NL
  • Europe where have you displaced love​? ​- Voice and poetry film installation: ​Opening and exhibition April 2019 - June 2019. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator & improvising vocalist), ​Katarina Zdjelar​ ​(Film director), ​Nadia Bekkers​ ​(Rapper, MC) and​ ​Nina Hitz ​(Cellist) ​for ‘Post Opera: Installing the Voice’, ​Operadgen Rotterdam exhibition, at ​TENT, Kunstinstituut Melly​, Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘Bianca e Fernando’, by composer V. Bellini - Opera performance:​ Premiere and tour​ 2017: Nicole Jordan (Assistant Director), ​Peter George d’Angelino Tap​ (Director), cast of ​Opera St Moritz,​ CH. Performances in St. Moritz and Interlakken, CH
  • ​‘A Bend in the Bough’​ - Live “food art”, film, and music production:​ Opening ​2017​. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator, vocalist) & ​Shraddha Borowake​ (Video artist) for ​Piet Zwart Instituut​, Rotterdam, NL
  • 'The Time is Now: A night of Rumi​' - Poetry and music production:​ Premiere​ 2012. Artists: ​Nicole Jordan (Co-creator, musician, vocalist, storyteller) and ​Ashley Ramsden​ ​(actor/storyteller), Het National Theatre,​ ​The Hague, NL



  • 2022: Lockdown Baby: Selected for WRPN Women's International Film Festival, US
  • 2021: Lockdown Baby: Makersloket Fund from Droom en Daad, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2020: Lockdown Baby: Balcony Scenes Fund (Balkonscenes)​ ​from ​Performing Arts Fund (FPK)​, NL.
  • 2020:​ Dr. Jordan Institute: ​Balcony Scenes Fund (Balkonscenes)​ ​from ​Performing Arts Fund (FPK)​, NL.
  • 2020​: Dr. Jordan Institute: ​Culture Makers Fund (Cultuurmakersfonds)​, ​Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds​, NL.
  • 2019:​ ​Dr. Jordan Institute, Spotlight Artist, 2019​, ​World Music Forum​, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2018:​ ‘Codarts Speaks’ Spoken Word in the Conservatoire: Innovation Fund, ​Codarts University of the Arts​, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2011: ​Snow Queen: Production development funding from ​Fonds 1818​, The Hague, NL
  • 2011: ​Snow Queen: Production development funding from ​NormaFonds​, Amsterdam, NL


Spotlight Project: 'Lockdown Baby' (2021
A docu-art film

Lockdown Baby: Pregnant in the pandemic

Lockdown Baby documents the stories of three women who became pregnant during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. These professional performing artists and mothers-to-be take their art forms from the stage to the city streets to share their intimate expressions of love, fear, and hope for their unborn babies.  

"I apologise 
for this world that no matter what 
I can’t despise
Because even in the terrifying lockdown 
life brought you to me
Showing once again its beauty…”

- Excerpt from MAYA by Nicole Jordan



Artsistic Director

Nicole Jordan 
Performing Artists:
Nicole Jordan 
Jozefien Debaillie 
Karin Timmerman 
Video Artists:
Katarina Jazbec
Matija Pekić
Sound Engineer:
Rob Rietveld


Rob Rietveld

Ada M. Patterson

Florian van der Reijden
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fonds Podiumkunsten/Performing Arts Fund - Balkonscenes
Stichting Droom en Daad