Listen to the Lambs (2002)

Nicole's first professional singing gig was with the Canadian choral ensemble, the Nathaniel Dett Chorale. She features as a soloist on their first album which presents the music of black Canadian/American composer, R. Nathaniel Dett (1882 -1943). Available here


Dr. Jordan Institute with drummer, Stefan Kruger, and guitarist, Mark Tuinstra. In their debut album, Jab Jab (2019), you can hear Nicole's own lyrics, smooth classical sound, Caribbean beats, electronics, spoken word, and rap to explore and breaks the boundaries of musical genres. Available here and here.

"...sultry, atmospheric, but also progressive and very diverse. The numbers are individual gems. This debut album is very pure produced and the classical voice of Jordan gives it a special charge. Most beautiful songs are Si l'Amour and I Die" Rene Seghers (Villa d'Arte, NL) using Google translate. 

Hortus Festival Live (2017)

Chosen from the rich archives of the Netherlands Hortus Festival, Nicole is featured on this 5-CD box set performing songs by Ives, Barber, and Gershwin from the program 'Homeland' with pianist Maarten van Veen.  Available here.

Folies (2017)

The latest CD release by the Windstreken Ensemble. Nicole Jordan is featured as a guest artist with an ensemble led by sax and flute player, Pieter de Mast, that creates a unique and beautiful mix of classical, jazz and world music. Available here.

Sweet Solitude (2012)

Songs on the theme of Solitude with pianist Celia Garcia-Garcia. Henry Purcell, Samuel Barber and new music by Canadian composer Jeff Enns. Sweet Solitue was recorded following a production of the same name by Nicole which included, music, dance and poetry. Available here or here.

Solstice (2012)

Seasonal songs with spice with percussionist Udo Demandt, and SPanish guitarist, Arturo Ramon. Nicole has since created a storytelling and choral music production using the music from Solstice which she has performed internationally. Available here, here or here.


Wexford Carol (2016)

CD single of Wexford Carol arrangemed by Canadian composer, Jeff Enns. Features Nicole Jordan, soprano, Shimon Walt, cello and the Halifax Camerata Singers. Procedes of the sale of Wexford Carol go to the Nova Scotia Youth Choir Louise Simons Scholarship in support of young choral singers. CD cover art by artist Kurt van der Basch and design by Jessica Cullen. Available here.